Day Care Centre

Day Care Centre  Mali dom-Zagreb provides educational and rehabilitation programs for children with visual impairments and additional disabilities. We provide regular daily based program, but we also provide „Temporary services“  for children who are enrolled in other programs, but also havecan benefit from some services and activities that we provide for them.

Daily program activities are carried out in groups of 4 to 10, that are formed according to age and developmental needs of the child.

Institution's curriculum is characterized as the activity-based curriculum where activities are the basis for learning in which we can then integrate the objectives of different development areas - cognition, communication, motor skills, visual functioning, social-emotional development.

Principles of Functional and Ecological Model are being achieved through a selection of highly relevant and functional environments, activities and skills that are age appropriate and important for a specific child. The curriculum is focused on the child holistically. A child is observed through the interaction of its current and future environments and analysis of the activities in which it participates in order to enable it to fully participate in the life of its surroundings.