Our Team

Mali dom-Zagreb's expert team consists of rehabilitators, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, kinesiotherapist, social worker and psychologist. All members of the expert team underwent numerous and diverse education and were focused on acquiring a variety of specific knowledge in different areas of education and rehabilitation of children with disabilities.
Educational rehabilitators have completed additional training in the field of early intervention, three of them had completed a one-year study program at the Perkins School for the Blind in Boston, and completed the academic year on the topic of Early intervention in the population of children with multiple disabilities and visual impairments, the topic of Working with deaf-blind children with additional disabilities and on the Development of the curriculum for children with multiple disabilities. Three therapists completed the multi-year program for Assessment of the functional vision and the "vision therapist" program; also dance therapy, creative visual therapy and music therapy.
In addition to rehabilitators, professional team consists of two occupational therapists who have also gone through various training in their own and other related fields, then two physiotherapists, one of which is among other things, a certified children Bobath therapist and trained to assess motor development by spontaneously generated movements of baby from 0-3 months, and the other finished training in osteopathy and is a certified Vibroacoustic therapist.
The expert team also consists of a social worker, speech therapist trained in the field of alternative communication, and kinesiotherapist who introduced working with therapy dog ​​for children with severe multiple impairments.
Although trained in various complementary areas all our experts are excellent team workers, forming a very functional  transdisciplinary team.
Transdisciplinary approach emphasizes communication, interaction and cooperation among team members in order to strengthen the team and develop the potential of the child.