Assessment and consulting

Assessment is performed by a team of experts consisting of education-rehabilitation professionals, physiotherapists, specialists for functional vision assessment and, if necessary, occupational therapist, speech therapist and psychologist. Assessment is inter/transdisciplinary, holistic and individualized. Professional team members after each evaluation compare their observations and make joint conclusions in order to set the basis for determining optimal individual programs. The atmosphere during the evaluation is always relaxed. Therapists take account of providing emotional support for parents to help them relax, which affects the child's behaviour during the assessment. The assessment is carried out as an observation of the child's behaviour in the game, child is not force to solve any problems, but with observation and unobtrusive designing of space and game important development shifts are spotted.

The assessment process is conducted in the following manner:
  • Interviews with parents
  • Collection of data
  • Establishment of a safe therapeutic space
  • Estimation of the initial state in different areas – by using certain methods and means, various experts observe the child's reaction and interaction at different development areas.
  • Writing expert opinion with a recommendation - based on the initial evaluation and discussion with the parents, expert opinion and ​​recommendations are made for working with the child in certain areas of development
  • Making of individual educational - habilitation plan
  • Assessment results from all examiners
  • Parental observations
  • Cooperation between parents and experts