Project "The Path to the Independent Life"


From November 15th to 17th 2019. the first transnational working meeting of the partners of the project "The Path to the Independent Life" of Slovakia, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, and Croatia was held in Bratislava, at the Domov Socialny Service before deti a dospelych Sibirka.
Representatives from Croatia (Center for Children and Youth Mali dom - Zagreb) were Margareta Vidmar ( and Dražen Viljušić (prof. kinesiologist).
After the welcome dinner, a two-day program took place; introducing partners, their organizations and the activities they would carry out and a tour of the Siberian institution. The dates of the meetings in all partner countries, the content of the exchange of knowledge and experience, the way of documenting the project, the form of outputs and the guidelines for dissemination were agreed. A project logo was created and Fleep Internet support was set up to communicate and store all content.
In order to bring the Erasmus + program closer to the participants and for its better understanding and functioning, a meeting was held with a representative of the National Agency.
The formed team has started creative and constructive cooperation and are in the process of preparation for the next meeting on February 8th, 2020. in the city of Nazare, Portugal.