ERASMUS + "The Path to Independent Life"


From 7th to 12th of February 2020, a working meeting of experts working with persons with disabilities from Slovakia, Greece, Cyprus, Croatia and Portugal, partners in the Erasmus + project "The path to the independent life ", took place in Nazare, Portugal, with the aim of sharing knowledge and experiences that can enhance user service to develop as much independence and community involvement as possible.
Extended teams met at the welcome dinner. Representatives from Croatia (Center for Rehabilitation of Children and Youth "Mali dom - Zagreb") were Margareta Vidmar (psychotr. specialist, art therapist) and Drazen Viljušić (kinezyth.), Danijela Kljajić (bacc.therap.occup.) And Dragomila Mateljan (speech therapist and music therapist).
The meeting began with a tour of the CERCINA Center (Cooperativa de Ensino e Reabilitacao de Criancas Inadaptas da Nazare), presenting organization and program activities and socializing with users. In the following days, through theoretical knowledge and practice, sports activities such as sailing and other, inclusive community activities were presented. We also visited a local radio station where CERCINE users had their own show. Here, representatives of partner countries in the talk show presented their organizations and the joint Erasmus + project, its meaning, and its importance. Workshops were also held; music therapy performed by participants from Greece, and art therapy performed by participants from Croatia. Also, an inclusive school was visited and a seminar was held with a round table discussing what and how we work on goals, similarities, and differences between countries and what we aspire to, what obstacles we encounter and what potentials we have.
The extended team had a valuable, interesting, creative and constructive collaboration, and ideas were born for the possibility of incorporating new things into the work.
The next meeting is scheduled for May 15th-20th, 2020. The host will be the Rehabilitation Center "Mali dom - Zagreb" in Zagreb, Croatia.